A Promise is a Promise but when does that change into letting yourself down?

How serious do you take it when you make a promise? I know to me, a promise is a promise & if I make one, I hold to it but here's the point, have you ever made a promise to yourself? I know I haven't, well not totally, I've told myself I will do something & yes I have let myself down but I got to thinking only yesterday, maybe
I'm a little slow... but if I actually made myself a promise & didn't follow through then that shows what I truly think of myself,not as important as someone else I would hold a promise for.

Today I am making myself a promise & I will treat it with the same integrity I would give another.
What are your thoughts, have you kept a promise made to yourself or have you swapped it over to~ 'A to do later thing' that if not completed then it really wasn't a promise I was to hold steadfast anyway?
Know this, you are important, more important than anyone else, because if you do not honour yourself, you are not in full production, you are more helpful to others when you have yourself together. Look in the mirror & make yourself a promise & remember, a promise is a promise, no exceptions.
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