The time is now


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Moving forward from here, what can you do to begin a journey you have been holding at bay?


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Sometimes we don’t notice life’s incremental changes until one day we look back and ask; “At what point did I give my power away?”

We start out with big dreams but somewhere along our path many of us lose our way settling for less and placing our dreams on hold until they melt into a distant memory and labelled by us as unimportant. What we don’t see are the subtle changes we quietly accept as our reality, not realising these incremental changes lower the ceiling of expectations for ourselves more each day.

Many women run their life on remote control, being Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sibling and in-law, unaware as time goes by they lose more and more of their own power. As parents, we give our children the very best we can afford, we spread ourselves thin between work commitments, our children and our parents. As we move forward with our responsibilities we don’t notice our pain threshold slowly rising for what we accept as our life. It is said that when we feel enough pain, we will make the necessary changes to course correct but what if our pain threshold is unconsciously lifting, at what point do we stop to notice we are losing ourselves?

I was this woman full of energy who laughed often with no doubts on my own abilities so where did I go and more importantly, when did I leave? I was Mum, Wife and Daughter working full time, running my sons between sporting events and social activities, barely catching my breathe before responsibilities moved onto assisting aging parents. I somehow came to the point of non- existence, full of doubts of who I am and what I can achieve and it wasn’t until my sons were in their late teens that I realised I had lost myself.

We get so caught up with our lives that we don’t notice the incremental changes made to our personality as we place our life on hold for others. We love our family dearly and would not have it any other way but we can give to ourselves as well as our loved ones with the right knowledge. You are important especially to your children and if you are not happy within, the dynamics of your family will not function with ease, something will give and it is this unawareness that steals from many women and their families. So many of us are unaware that the power within has been placed on hold and until you tap back into your own resources you will be like an Eagle that remains on the ground not knowing you were meant to keep on flying.

When your children grow into their own person, when you lose a parent, when you are used to being all for others except yourself, that void can hit hard and the purpose of my writing is to bring awareness to women that you can be all for everyone as long as you keep your light shining. It wasn’t until I discovered the personal development industry that I could fly again, I read one book and felt my light begin to re-ignite and so I began to immerse myself with reading one book after another, listening to audios by downloading the free content many personal development coaches have to offer.

You can take back your power and this flows on as a positive charge like a domino effect to your children, partner and extended family. There is an abundance of information on personal growth and it is when you begin this journey your world opens and the more you learn, the more you know you want to keep learning. The personal development industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Corporations are now turning to personal development as a holistic approach to training their staff and people from all walks of life now implement teachings into every area of their lives.

Health and fitness is another important factor, if you are not doing anything to increase your energy, you must start, you need to spend energy to create it. Begin with walking by getting up 1/2 hour earlier or go out for a walk early evening once dinner is completed for the family, it may be a challenge to begin with but this discipline not only increases your energy levels which in turn assist you to feel more alive, it releases negative energy and sets in place a new habit for change in your life. When you undertake an exercise for 21 consecutive days, you have actually cemented in place a habit that can easily be continued.

Write out where you want to be in 2, 5 and 10 years from now, list what you would need to do to achieve this. Now, write out where you see yourself at these points of time if nothing changes, do you like what you see? Give yourself the gift of half an hour per day walking as you listen to an audio, read a book on personal growth before you go to sleep even if it’s only for 20 minutes, this journey may open up limiting beliefs you have held onto about yourself and it can be confronting to face what lies beneath but when you do, the feeling of freedom that you experience has no other comparisons. Your new mantra will be, ‘Look out world I’m back’

For information on how to be involved in personal development and how as you learn you can assist others with a home business in personal development, enter your details at and I would be happy to assist you.





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Imagine a world where everyday is perfect, imagine everyone is successful with everything they do, imagine getting up each day to that same happy feeling you went to bed with the night before, where everything you do is so easy it just happens. Now imagine being a white dot on a wall in a room painted white all over.

My point? You need contrast in your life to keep you moving forward, you need to work through your daily cr…, you need to have so many different choices in your life that the list is never exhausted because that is living, you cannot want to be that white dot, you will never exist. You’re here for a reason so use that time to ride the contrast and extract what ever pleasures come your way, savor them and let them carry you across the line for those times you have to pick yourself up, those times you feel you are immobilized, then you can remember it’s contrast and as with all in life, it will change.

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Look behind you before you say you are not moving forward

Through my experiences, the one thing that we do is look at others and compare. I don’t mean we compare material objects but we compare ourselves to their disposition. We feel they are so happy and got it together so what’s wrong with me?

Everyone of us has a battle with our own mind and some have more work than others to deal with, that is not to diminish our own capability or sanity it is that we are all different, so very different and again it goes back to the battle of the conscious mind and unconscious minds. What we store as children, how we store it, in what emotional state we were when emotions were stored, then these emotions run our life.

Look at 2 people who experience the same circumstance but react very differently, why is that? One is not inferior to the other, it’s that one has a different program to run than the other.

It’s looking into the power of the subconscious mind that will assist many people to know that they are running on remote control and not inferior and it can be worked at.

I have had to peel that onion for years and years and amazed at how much there is to work through, been on my knees more times than I ever want to admit but here’s the point, there are many people on this planet who just accept that this is the way it is and live the rest of their lives in a mediocr way but we strive to get on top of it knowing and believing there is something more and working on ourselves to attain this state so never ever feel you are inferior to others, just know they have had their battles as well so keep moving forward.

As a foot note, another thing we find we don’t do is stop and look behind us to recognise how far we really have come so stop now and look and recognise this. it’s like jumping in a car and driving 100 miles and feeling frustrated at the 60 mile point feeling you’re not there yet but you have already moved 60 miles! Recognise that!

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The difference between contentment and disharmony is a habit. Like any habit to break it takes absolute consistent persistence. The habit? Allowing your brain to send messages that block you when you wish to reach for more. The difference between successful, happy people and those that struggle with their lives is, they have mastered the skill to break through this computed crap. Your brain has stored messages since you were born and uses these as a charge to decide if it is safe to move into a particular direction, problem is these messages can be from misinterpreted reactions from when you were a child and we can allow ourselves to be run with the opinion of a 5 year old and justify it to be how it is for us. You are not your brain, you are power beyond belief. Recognize your so called short falling s are only brain messages that with practice can be overridden.

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How far have you come?

  • It comes down to stamina, not fitness of body but persistence of mind and not allowing any incidents or perceived evidence to the contrary to stand in your way, because you created what you believe to be that evidence. Now look ahead to your goal and go back to your original thinking that created this desire and let that carry you the distance.


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It’s a choice & nothing more complicated than that, it’s a decision taken by you to not allow any other possibility to stand in the way of your goals. Easy?  No!  If it were, everyone would be successful. You have to do what others aren’t willing to do in order to experience what others don’t because they look upon successful people as being lucky. Do you look at others and wish you were lucky like them? Or are you taking action to realize your own dreams?
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Success for 2012

An exercise for success in 2012~

Write down~It’s December 31st 2012 and I am so grateful I now…………Fill in the blanks.

Write out what that looks like. Write out the steps you need to take to get you there.

Now, Write out where you see yourself if you don’t take those steps.

Success in any area of your life takes discipline, you don’t automatically morph into  that person you visualized at the end of 2012.
The person you are right now has to take action & make the effort to do more than you’ve ever done before, no magic wand at this stage but absolute magic when you cross that bridge from limited thinking to daily action working your goals.

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I AM…………………

I AM……..
Tired, Energetic
Angry, Peace
Not bad, Fantastic
Small, Abundant
Doubt, Trusting

What’s your I AM? Watch how many times per day you use the words ‘I AM’
then it’s the description that follows which determines who you are
being, who you become and if it’s not what you want, change your wording
that follows ‘I AM’.

Easy? No! You can feel like such a liar.
Achievable? Yes! It depends on how serious you are about turning your life around to live life on your terms.
Worth it? You Choose!

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